Thursday, September 28, 2017

Triple J. Enterprises, the Ford Motor Company and the GlobalGiving Foundation, Ford’s grantmaking partner, have extended support for Guam Water Kids for a second year. Triple J President Jeff Jones and Senior Vice President Jay Jones, Senior VP, TripleJ presented a check for $20,000 to the University of Guam's Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific (WERI) On Thursday, September 28th.  The funding supports WERI’s Guam Water Kids, an educational program for students and teachers to learn about stewardship of Guam’s fresh water resources.


“Our renewed commitment to WERI will ensure they get the support to sustain their educational programs at the local level and in the classrooms, we hope this collaborative effort can be leveraged for future studies and possible infrastructure projects specifically in Guam,” said Jay Jones, Senior VP of Triple J.


The Ford Conservation & Environmental Grants Program was created to empower individuals and non-profit groups donating their time and effort to preserve the environmental well-being of their communities. By providing necessary funding and visibility, they hope to encourage the multiplication of similar grassroots efforts that will serve as catalysts for change across the globe. Project focuses on fresh water, and Triple J Ford is proud to have the opportunity to work with WERI on their Guam Water Kids program.


"We thank Triple J Enterprises, Inc. and the Ford Motor Company for this contribution to the University of Guam. Triple J has served the island community for more than three decades and has been a great supporter of the University," said Acting President Anita Borja Enriquez. "Our continued partnership through Guam Water Kids is an example of how community leaders can work with UOG to build a strong, sustainable Guam for the generations to come."


 “On behalf of WERI, I thank Triple J Ford and the Ford Motor Company for extending their commitment to sustaining the natural resources of our island with this generous donation for furthering Guam Water Kids, WERI, Director John W. Jenson, Ph.D. said. “WERI's mission is to seek solutions that improve economic conditions and quality of life for the people of Guam through research, teaching and outreach. This donation will help us expand our efforts to help young people take responsibility for managing and conserving Guam’s fresh water resources.”


Guam Water Kids: Protecting Guam’s Fresh Water/Prutehi I Hånom Freskon Guahan is an educational program to help local teachers and their students learn how young people can take responsibility for sustainable use and development of Guam’s freshwater resources as citizens and future leaders. The program provides classroom materials about the sources and importance of the island’s fresh water for elementary, middle, and high school levels.


Last spring WERI and the Guam Water Kids program hosted the first field trip for Guam educators to see the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer—the underground water resource that provides most of the water that Guam residents use in their homes.


Plans for this year’s funding of Guam Water Kids from Triple J Motors and the Ford Motor Company include


·       Continuing to provide continuing education and field trips for teachers in cooperation with the Guam Department of Public Education.

·       Recruiting high school students, all of whom are required to perform Service Learning projects for graduation, to explore the importance of sustaining our island’s fresh water resources.

·       Continuing to expand community outreach at public events by emphasizing the importance of fresh water to continued growth and quality of life on Guam.


Standing left to right:   Ken Ray Paulino, Group Operations Manager, Triple J Auto Group

Cathleen Moore-Linn, Director Research Corporation of the University of Guam
Dr. John Jenson, Director, Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific at the UOG
Jay Jones, Senior VP, Triple J Enterprises, Inc. • Dr. Anita Enriquez, Acting UOG President
Ann Card, Guam Water Kids Consultants